What are tissue paper articles?

>Various ideas with tissue paper articles


We produce tissue paper articles, which are rotation-symmetric like e.g. balls, eggs, cylinders, cones, truncated cones, bells, hats, mushrooms, drops, artificial fruit like apples, pears, cherries, etc. and many other shapes. Available in white or colour.


These shapes are approximately between 8 and 80 millimeters, available in all colours. Sizes deflect solely by 4% of the basic size, which suffices for high expectations.

Due to the methods of productions the articles have got a hole (rotation axis), that reaches almost to the other side. That hole can be punctured easily so that e.g. balls can be beaded to a necklace.

The surface is even and non-slip, besides absorbend. The firmness and therewith the weight can be varied, whereas a bigger weight effects a higher price. Our standard firmness is however firm enough to paint, glue, cut, varnish or puncture the articles. Besides applies: The smaller, the firmer the article.

As our articles consist of ozone bleached (not chlorine bleached!) material combined with non-toxic glue and eco-friendly food colouring, they can as well be used for toys . If they get wet, they will macerate. Besides they are recyclable and compostable.

With nearly 400 different shapes we can extensively supply the need. In case that a shape is required, which we dont have in our range, it is possible to make a new tool. The costs therefore firstly have to be paid by the customer, but will be credited within 2 years when a value of at least € 1,500 for this article has been reached.


Furthermore our articles can be printed e.g. with faces or fonts. At this 4 different coloures are possible. Ask for our prices.

Usually the goods are packed according to their size in PE-bags with 1000, 1250, 2000, 2500 or 5000 pieces. Articles bigger than 40mm are packed loosely in a box (60x40x50cm = ca. 0,12 m). E.g. 1750 40-mm-balls. But the articles can also be packed in smaller packages by any quantities. Ask for our prices.

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